Introducing Movie Pop
3 Copycat Movie Titles for Final Cut Pro
What's Movie Pop?

This is a free Final Cut Pro title plugin inspired by movie titles. All you have to do is add your own text. 

How do I get Movie Pop?

Just add your name and email address up above and I'll send you an email with download instruction. You’ll get started in seconds.

Movie Pop is 100% free, there is nothing to lose.

These guys love my plugins!

Sam Holder

I really love your plugins...They've made my videos come alive!

Ed Chapman

I love your products! The quality, simplicity of use, and stability are the best available.


I love it when I need a quick, easy way to do something and I can find a plugin for #FCPX to do it for me. Thanks Stupid Raisins for Data Pop.

Lee Stranahan

Stupid Raisins I was able to put that together in just a couple of hours. I DL'd the demo, saw how it worked, and bam! Video. Cheetah fast.

The Vibe Setter

Thank you Dylan & Stupid Raisins  for the dope Final Cut Pro plugins!!!
Movie Pop User Guide
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