Introducing Social Media Thirds
Social Media Lower Third Titles
*The footage used in the video comes from FILMPAC.
What's Social Media Thirds?

This is a sweet pack of 9 social media lower thirds perfect for promoting your social network accounts on your videos. Choose from the 8 most popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

Need a different network? No sweat. Just use the Custom template to load your own custom image, pic, logo, video or title. You can customize animations, colors, font, text, opacities, drop shadows and make quick changes to size, position and rotation with easy to use on-screen controls.

How do I get Social Media Thirds?

Just add your name and email address up above and I'll send you an email with download instruction. You’ll get started in seconds.

Social Media Thirds is 100% free, there is nothing to lose.

These guys love my plugins!

Sam Holder

I really love your plugins...They've made my videos come alive!

Ed Chapman

I love your products! The quality, simplicity of use, and stability are the best available.


I love it when I need a quick, easy way to do something and I can find a plugin for #FCPX to do it for me. Thanks Stupid Raisins for Data Pop.

Lee Stranahan

Stupid Raisins I was able to put that together in just a couple of hours. I DL'd the demo, saw how it worked, and bam! Video. Cheetah fast.

The Vibe Setter

Thank you Dylan & Stupid Raisins  for the dope Final Cut Pro plugins!!!
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